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To P A U L   V A U G H A N   T A T T O O   A R T 

Paul is a Tattoo Artist and has been tattooing for approximately

10 years 

He enjoys Tattooing in the style of Realism and his own Graffiti styl both colour and black & Grey.

Paul is forever trying his hardest to improve in his craft , This means that he will only mainly tattoo Things he thinks he will be able to tattoo to the best of his ability. 




Booking fees are a MUST on each session and are used to secure the booking.

A Booking fee is none refundable.

If absolutely necessary the booking fee can be transferred if the slot is needed to be moved with a minimum of 4 days notice.



Tattoos can and usually will hurt!
Please bare this in mind when booking in for a session.

I work mainly full day appointments which is in my opinion the best way to get the most we can done in a good amount of time. 
Sometimes tattoos can take longer than expected so please understand that if you have booked in for one full day session the piece we are doing may not be completed in that day and another session will need to be booked.


There are very many things to consider when getting a new Tattoo from Size, Placement and  Flow of the design to match the Flow of the body. This is the reason Paul likes to work with as much artistic freedom as he can so he can make it the as visually pleasing as possible! He will always be as honest as possible to make sure you get that perfect tattoo! 

Trust is a must.. Paul has tattooed a lot of different tattoos over the years and knows what will work and what wont work in a certain place on the body.



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Rendition Tattoo Studio

120-122 Queens Road



CV11 5LG




Tuesday - Friday: 11 - 6
​​Saturday: 10am - 4pm



      Please fill out the following contact form to get booked in.

      Please include the following:

  • Placement on the body i.e Left calf, right bicep. 

  • Tattoo Ideas and as much info about the tattoo you want to get.

Thanks for submitting!